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My role

UX designer leading the responsive website design from conception to delivery


Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, iterating on designs, determining information architecture, and responsive design.



Get entertain is a musical artist booking platform for a local wedding where you can find the best wedding vendors, with prices and reviews at the click of a button. Whether you are looking to hire a musical artist or band to perform at your events,get entertain can help you solve your wedding planning hassle through its unique features.

Project Goal

Design a responsive website “Get entertain” which give easy access to all the available musician in their city to book for their wedding event.


Busy professionals and lack the time resources necessary to search for the desired musician to perform at their wedding events.


I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m

designing for and their needs. A primary user group identified through research

was working adults who don’t have time to compare and research and select desired musical band to perform at their wedding.

This user group confirmed initial assumptions about getting entertain most of the adults who want to book the desired musician for their wedding is clueless about where to check and compare the available musician in the city, but research

also revealed that time was not the only factor limiting users from.

Other user problems included obligations, interests, or challenges that make it

difficult to go do market research and comparison by themselves in person.



Platforms for musician booking app are not equipped with assistive technologies.


Working adults are too busy to spend time on searching for musical band in the city available.


User has trust issue in making advance payment to any vendor


User can't find any resources for comparing the price or review of the musicians available it the city.


Direct + website has multiple of wedding music and entertainment vendors all across the country

Weddingwire - The Website interface can be more simplified.

Direct + WedMeGood is your personal wedding planning site easy to customize the event.

wedmegood - Lack of assistance if you need help.

Direct + easy way to book popular edm stars for your event internationally

bookingentertainment - website tone was not set perfectly


Following the user research, I developed a persona that helps me understand what design solutions to deliver to meet the user's needs and solve their problems.


At this stage, it's important to define the project scope and problem in order to help establish constraints and deliverables.


Starting off by creating paper wireframe helped quickly create the outlines needed to iterate user flow and make necessary changes needed to adhere to both user and business goals.


View Getentertain Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Website Wireframes

After sketching out wireframes, I focused on elements that helped provide clear/urgent information to those within the area. In addition, allowing those to see events based off their attendance response.

Moving onto creating the low-fidelity prototype, I created a flow that allows users to explore the app and test out key features to help communicate with one another.


Unmoderated Study | Remote | 30-60 minutes

Interview Question

  • Tell me about yourself!

  • Do you trust with booking with a musician you are not familiar with?

  • How do you get information about the local musician in your city?

  • How often is do you book musician for events in your family?

During the unmoderated study:

  1. Open the application and submit a request for quota to your desired musicican.

  2. From the homepage, please find your user profile

  3. From the homepage, please navigate to the map helper

  4. On the home go find help and support option.



" I would like to get booking confirmation notification as soon musician confirm the resquest"


"I think adding direct messaging for the vendor will help the musician to understand the expectation from our end ."


"user wanted reviews and rating of the past customers "


The high-fidelity prototype had adjustments made based off the usability and the low-fidelity prototype that helped users find alerts and utilize key features.

View HouseMates High-Fidelity Prototypes

Website Prototype


Upon finishing my last project within the Google UX Design Certification Course, I was able to apply all my knowledge into my last project catering to social good. My time working on this project, Getentertain, has allowed me to grow as a UX Designer and learn the complexity of having a product be available on all digital platforms.

In addition, pushing and contributing for accessibility within communities has emphasized my love for UX Design. By applying a well-structured information architecture that caters to user's needs, gaining and analyzing data from user research, and coming to a feasible design solution I was able to create a product that helps bridge that gaps within less-informed users.


The app makes users feel like Get entertain really thinks about how to meet their needs.

One quote from peer feedback:

“The app really made it easy for me find the exactly musician band which i was looking for and saved me from lot of hustle and time .”

What I learned:

While designing the Get entertain app, I learned that the first ideas for the app are only the beginning of the process. Usability studies and peer feedback influenced each iteration of the app’s designs and its and continuous process of taking feedback and improving design for keeping user ahead .

Bilaspur ,India

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